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Hi, I’m Andreea Apetri, a writer based in Brasov, Romania. I’m the author of “Cheating the adult life: An unconventional guide”, a humorous take on life’s experiences. I’ve always been fascinated by the absurdities of life, and I wanted to share my unique perspective with others. My writing style is witty and humorous, and I hope to make my readers smile while also providing them with some valuable insights. My day to day job is actually being a principal software developer but as you can see, I like learning and discover passion in different corners of life. When I’m not writing, or programming (which is not much time :) ), I enjoy spending time with my friends, family, cats and of course partying.

Andreea Apetri

Cheating the Adult Life is a book designed to help teenagers or young adults learn how to handle depression, plan their future, understand the importance of doing things with passion and persistence. My goal is to help teenagers understand what it means to be an adult and how they can succeed in life by making the right decisions for themselves.

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